Our rectangular, fiber-based cartons are as elegantly functional as they are environmentally sustainable.

This is the world’s first carton-based, retortable food package able to hold shelf-stable food products such as vegetables, soups and other ready meal products. We can package virtually any food currently found in cans or jars. These cartons offer numerous consumer benefits: they’re lightweight, stackable, feature an easy tear-off top that eliminates the need for an opener, and won’t break or shatter if dropped. Best of all, they’re 100% environmentally sustainable.

Environmentally friendly here, there and everywhere

The recyclable square shape makes our cartons easy to transport. In fact, you get 18% more filled packages on a pallet compared to traditional cans.

Commune with nature

The package is made primarily of wood fiber, a natural and renewable raw material. It’s comprised of 100% FSC certified fiber procured from responsible forest management and other controlled sources and endorsed by global environmental organizations.

The Bantamweight champion of packaging

IPM Food’s cartons are tough but very lightweight; on average weighing a third less than a can. That can pack a big punch when it comes to tons in resources, carbon emissions and transportation.

Package reincarnation

These packages are also easy to flatten and are recyclable, so they can be turned into new, useful products when empty.