IPM Foods

The IPM Foods BPA (Bisphenol A) free carton makes metal containers a relic of the 20th century. Here are three ways our carton separates itself from the pack.


Our refreshingly new carton protects foods and keeps then fresh (naturally) without the tinny taste of cans. Cartons also hold the freshest product the kind that’s preferred by foodies everywhere.


Our cartons are a consumer-friendly way for brands to stand out on the shelf while providing consumers with a package that meets modern life demands. Consumers are increasingly looking for convenience, quality, and more natural, organic and environmentally friendly products like these.


Shelf space is precious in competitive retail environs, but your customer’s cabinet space can be at even a greater premium. Because our cartons are square, taking up 30-40% less space than cans and jars so you can keep your shelves and your customers pantries well stocked.

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