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When you join the IPM team you take on our mission to genuinely care for our family of food manufacturers and producers. You become committed to improving their packaging solutions and operations and producing the products that become some of the world’s signature brands. Through their work, our employees express a passion for service, for reaching their full potential and together preserving and strengthening our unique company culture. This is a place where every employee is proud to work and make a difference. So if this sounds like it checks most of your boxes, we invite you to take a look at the positions we have to offer.

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Reports to R&D Project Manager


Job purpose

Making and testing new product samples


Duties and responsibilities



  • Make product samples for customer
  • Make product samples for Heat Penetration Study
  • Complete Heat Penetration Studies for all new and revised products and as needed
  • Work with Process Authority to determine testing parameters
  • Maintain library of past and current projects
  • Test new ingredients for cost saving or formula improvement
  • Collect all Ingredient Specifications and pass it on to QA Department
  • Provide production team with direction to commercialize products. Determine formulas, processing procedures and equipment use for new products
  • Work with production to implement and improve effective and efficient procedures
  • Support quality team, production manager, supervisors and staff as needed
  • Operate devices to measure quality parameters of products: Salt % Meter, Brix Meter, Bostwick, Omnion
  • Evaluate products
  • Evaluate and record all shelf study research
  • Maintain Clean Research Kitchen


IPMF LLC. is a rapidly growing manufacturer that has been designing and distributing high quality retort products. We offer a rewarding work environment with advancement opportunities while maintaining a small company, employee-focused atmosphere. We are currently searching for a Production Supervisor to join our manufacturing team.

At IPM Foods, we pride ourselves in thrilling not only our customer, but thrilling our employees as well. We strive to help our employees grow and develop in their professional lives. As an employer, we are committed to creating an environment upon which employees are proud to work, characterized by teamwork, shared goals, personal accountability, and celebration of success.


Production Supervisor Focus Area

Leads an assigned production team to achieve goals and problem solve while demonstrating a commitment to employee’s safety, teamwork, and product quality. Responsible for product processing, packaging, and storage in compliance with FDA, USDA, and IPM Foods rules and regulations.

Description and Responsibilities

  • Leads a team of front-line employees.Effectively communicates with and motivates employees to drive productivity and achieve company goals. Supervises employees to maintain discipline, teamwork, tracking attendance, and reviewing and approving time off for their direct reports. Responsible for work effort and appraisal of personnel.
  • Supervises and coordinates the activitiesof workers engaged in processing and/or the development of a product or a service. Maintains inventory records. Requisitions ingredients and/or supplies as necessary to meet delivery schedules. Evaluates materials and products to maintain organizational standards. Confers with other supervisors to coordinate activities between departments.
  • Manages and utilizes various production reports.Reviews daily production against customer requirements. Interprets, understands, and manages reports within responsible area such as throughput, yield, etc. Meets production requirements while maintaining appropriate line speeds and efficiency ensuring quality products. Accomplishes all paperwork in accordance with established time frames or record keeping requirements.
  • Emphasizes a safe work environment.Promotes a safe work environment as well as meets safety requirements complying with all policies or regulations set forth by IPM Foods, OSHA, and various government agencies concerning safety, environment, handling of food products, packaging, ingredients and any related items.
  • Creates a continuous improvement culture. Fosters a continuous improvement culture for direct reports. Ensures operations are being performed appropriately to improve processes and to continually find ways to drive out waste. Applies LEAN concepts and procedures to the day-to-day production operations. Accomplishes quality performance which meets or exceeds all line, department, facility, company, and USDA/FDA guidelines or grading process for a total quality program and customer relations.
  • Communicates at all levels to meet production expectations.Collaborates with the functional areas of operations such as Human Resources, Safety, Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Finance, Shipping/Receiving and others. Communicates at all levels to maximize processing of the highest quality product at the lowest cost possible.
  • Manages employees.Directs and supervises employees’ work activities and monitors work performance. Collaborates with Human Resources to screen, interview and hire candidates. Administers disciplinary actions and recommends performance improvement actions in collaboration with the Plant Manager and HR Manager. Monitors work performance and recommends compensation decisions based on guidelines. Follows IPM Foods values to develop and maintain a favorable working relationship with all employees. Promotes a cooperative and harmonious environment to facilitate positive employee morale, productivity, and continued improvement.


  • 4 years related work experience with a minimum of 1-year experience in a leading role included in the 4 years related work experience.


  • Preferred experience within a food processing organization.
  • Production Supervisor: 4 years


  • Willingness to lead, take charge, and offer opinions and direction required.
  • Must be able to read and write English.
  • Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods.
  • Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resource management, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.
  • Must be familiar with computers and be proficient in Microsoft Office suite.

Job Title:                     Quality Tech

Department:                 Quality Assurance

Job Summary: •Responsible for on-line Quality Control

Job Duties:

  1. Pre-production inspection of production equipment.
  2. Daily scale checks and set scales for accurate product weights.
  3. Daily X-ray checks.
  4. Reviews QC records for errors.
  5. Helps with initial product set-up on R-2.
  6. Setup and input date code requirements per product specification
  7. Measures and monitors temperature, weight, moisture, pH, particle size, salt, metal detection, and other quality checkpoints on a scheduled and as needed basis
  8. Performs Hermetic seal testing; performs visual inspection, conductivity test, and seal test to ensure safety of the product.
  9. Communicates with QA Administrator, Production Leads, Shift Supervisors, and Management about on-line quality issues.
  10. Documents records of all tests performed during the production run.
  11. Communicates needed corrections, major defects and potential and actual need for line shut down to appropriate management personnel.
  12. Stops production if product coming down the line is not to the specification, missing the ingredient or for any other reason he/she feels that product quality and/or safety is not met. Notifies QA Administrator and Production Supervisor.
  13. Prints daily QC records.
  14. Cleans QC station.

Job Requirements


  1. Ability work effectively in a team environment. Works with a sense of urgency while maintaining quality and company safety standards.
  2. Ability to comprehend and safely operate production and lab equipment.
  3. Ability to understand and comply with all QC testing required of position.
  4. Great attention to details.
  5. Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time.

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